Florian Lindner

UX Designer, Thinker and Creator

Insights about me

Hi! I’m Florian…

…a passionate creator and a thinker of and for client centered solutions.

As digital product designer I worked in teams in corporate and startup environments and strive to design products and services for a better tomorrow. My work covers UX/UI, product/industrial, and inter-motion design.

Although I’m that kind of person that starts tinkering with the underlaying JSON files of Sketch, when I want to automate something, I wouldn’t call myself a coder.

Currently, I live in Munich, Germany.

Software proficencies

To keep it simple, I composed this plain table and listed most of the tools I use (probably incomplete).

Tool Level of confidence
💎 Sketch Hacked! (see above; started writing plugins for it)
🚀 Abstract (Sketch Gitlab) Hacked! (dived into the SDK already and played around)
🖼 Adobe CC: Photoshop Poweruser since 15+ years
📝 Adobe CC: Indesign Expert. Full stop.
😝 Adobe CC: XD Used for animating (not hacked yet)
☁️ Adobe CC: * Occassionally usage of AE, Lightroom, Premiere and whatever there’s left
<Insert pro app here> Are there docs for it? Then I can learn it.

Additionally I’m not afraid of using programming and markup languages (HTML, JS, PHP, python, tbc.) and 3D software such as Solidworks or Maya. My CV contains a more comprehensive list, if you are interested.

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